What does the next step look like?

A focused timeline towards success

Expectations and goals don't have to be different things

Keeping the business Vision first

Acknowledging the need of a revamped digital business front opens the door to many questions. All questions can be sorted out by understanding the goal of having a new web presence.

  • What is your primary desired outcome with a modern digital platform?
  • How much work can your current team do to reach that outcome?
  • What components do you need to hire help for?




Set The Target

  • Content Site mapping
    • Assess Current layout
    • Track visitor behavior
    • Develop priority pages and simplify navigation
  • Digital properties appraisal
    • High-resolution logos and imagery
    • Product portfolio accessibility
    • Team and facility images/videos
  • Cross-examine your digital capabilities with your long-term goals
    • With whom is your primary communication pathway?
      • Between Customers
      • Between Employees
      • Between Applicants
    • What kind of web traffic are you building for?
      • Email Campaign
      • Ad buys
      • Social Media

Plan 90 days

  • Preparing a 3 month Development Timeline
    • First builds are dependent on short-term priorities
      • Product/Sales focus?
      • Employee Portal?
      • News/Updates feed?
    • Dependent on how much graphic design is needed to bolster your branding
    • Dependent on how much readily available content there is to plug into a new website
  • Hire an agency at a cost that matches your timeline, not theirs
    • Develop a payment plan that doesn’t take advantage of your unsure growth rate
    • Break up your development goals into separate projects if you’re not entirely sure when they will be ready for implementation on your end
    • Expect to spend over $125/hour when you expect “on-call” support without a previous business agreement entitling you to that service

Day 1

  • Get a new team the access they need:
    • Find out who manages:
    • Organize all the needed access credentials for your new team
      • Website Back-end User/Password
      • FTP Access
      • Any Analytics/Tracking you have in place
  • Set development priority on your most functional pages
    • Outline what needs to stay, and what needs to be replaced
      • Logos, graphics, functional tools to keep
      • Broken links, low-resolution imagery to replace
    • Outline what areas of the page are up for creative development
      • Provide style guide if you have one, if not, ask for a couple of color sets that could work with your logo
      • Ask for 2-3 versions of these newly designed areas
  • Ask for a reasonable time for follow-up (2-3 weeks) and set your next meeting

Use every resource available to make informed decisions.

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