Investing in Young Talent

a company is only as good as its workers


Finding suitable employees is an ongoing battle for businesses of any type. It can be harder still for companies to find workers in skilled trades, given the large percentage of young people who have chosen college paths over vocational careers in recent years. That's why competitive businesses must do everything in their power to stand out to a large but unevenly distributed workforce.

By the year 2020, more than 50% of the total US workforce will be millennials (currently ages 18-34). As a group, they have substantially different job expectations than the generations preceding them. For example:

  • Millennials depend on smartphones for the majority of their web-browsing experiences. This includes searching for new jobs and assessing company websites.
  • Job security is less important to millennials than the generations preceding them; they’re more likely to seek new positions even when already employed.
  • Millennials put a lot of stock into flexibility and change. It may not be ideal, but appealing to the younger generation’s interests will put you higher on their list of ideal job opportunities.

Why Build the Process on Digital Marketing?

For companies that don’t depend on constantly finding new clients, it can be easy to fall behind when it comes to an online and social media presence. But for those same companies, it’s even more important to keep those channels open and thriving to maximize exposure to new talent for their workforce. The more exposure a company generates online, the more applications they’ll receive. And by drawing from a larger pool of candidates, they can choose only the best workers for their company.

The process of attracting talent doesn’t end at exposure. Even when you’ve captured the attention of those sought-after skilled workers, you still need to appeal to their preferences as job-seekers. If they’re viewing two websites side-by-side and only one of them has an online application form, you can guess which one will command their attention. It’s in their best interest to apply, and it’s in your best interest to make that process as easy for them as possible.

So what exactly constitutes an optimized website? To get the most out of your digital presence, your site should:

  • Exhibit modern graphic design and layout standards
  • Contain original and high-quality content specific to your company
  • Make strategic use of the keywords that are used to search your industry
  • Function properly on mobile devices
  • Direct the user towards their goal in the fewest clicks possible

Additional Benefits

Streamlining a web presence that accurately depicts your company can help existing employees, too. By attracting a larger pool of more informed candidates that know what to expect from the position's responsibilities, you’re alleviating the strain of training under-qualified and disinterested workers alongside your veteran employees.

An easy-to-update hiring platform can be a great opportunity veteran employees to be a part of the job posting. The more involved they can become, the insight applicants and management gain into the changing needs of that department. It’s a mutually beneficial process that includes your current team's input while saving you time down the road.

Recruiting Funnel

The goal of this infographic is to illustrate the importance of providing as many channels as possible to your potential workers. Whether your site is optimized or not, young workers are searching for jobs online, and especially on social media. This visual representation of those channels highlights the importance of appealing to the changing habits of the next generation workforce while simultaneously keeping your website modern and relevant.

Adapting to a new workforce means removing every possible barrier between their resumé and your inbox.

That can be accomplished by embracing the opportunities provided by your digital presence (such as better exposure to workers and easier options for submitting applications) and optimizing them to the fullest extent. When done correctly, it translates to better applicants, happier workers, and a confident step into the next generation of workforce development.

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